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The hidden world of stadium deals | Good Sport

30 Menit

The hidden world of stadium deals | Good Sport

11 Februari 2024

Stadiums are not just a place for sports fans to cheer on the home team -- they're also concert venues, convention centers and even serve as makeshift shelters in emergencies. Stadiums are important. So why does it seem that instead of enjoying them, cities end up dealing with the mess (and the bill) that dealmakers leave behind? This is an episode of Good Sport, another podcast from the TED Audio Collective, hosted by Jody Avirgan. In this episode, Jody talks to David Samson, the former president of the Miami Marlins (and a in charge of one of the "worst stadium deals in history") about what really happens in a negotiation room. Then Jody speaks to sports economist Andrew Zimbalist and urban planner Mirela Fiori to ask directly if -- and how -- we can build stadiums better. Transcripts for Good Sport are available at


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