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E240: No.1 Heart Surgeon: Cardio Is A Waste Of Time For Weight Loss! Philip Ovadia

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20 April 2023

In this new episode Steven sits down with heart surgeon Dr Philip Ovadia MD. Dr Philip Ovadia is an American heart surgeon, founder of Ovadia Heart Health and the author of the new book, “Stay Off My Operating Table”. As a heart surgeon Dr Ovadia saw firsthand the dangers of heart disease, the number one killer worldwide. Having struggling with obesity his whole life and a family history of heart disease, Dr Ovadia was finally able to lose 45kg by following a predominately animal-based foods and low carbohydrate diet. Since then it has been Dr Ovadia’s mission to improve the public’s metabolic health through lifestyle and dietary modification as a way to prevent later health crises and death. In this conversation Dr Ovadia and Steven discuss topics, such as: Philip’s mission to make being healthy normal again Why we should focus more on prevention rather than medication Why cholesterol and fat are not necessarily the cause of heart disease The impact of sugar on your health Metabolic health and ‘skinny fat’ The benefits of the carnivore diet The danger of the standard American diet Why exercise doesn’t help with weight loss You can purchase, ‘Stay Off My Operating Table’, here: Philip:  Instagram: Twitter: Watch the episodes on Youtube - Follow:  Instagram: Twitter: Linkedin: Telegram: Sponsors:  Bluejeans: ⁠⁠ Huel:


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