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262. Why is France Banning Islamic Clothes in Schools? (English Vocabulary Lesson)

262. Why is France Banning Islamic Clothes in Schools? (English Vocabulary Lesson)

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17 September 2023

SEND7 Podcast - Listen to SEND7 on Spotify - France has just banned school children from wearing abayas (a type of robe popular with Muslim women). Let’s discuss why France has banned any religious clothes or symbols from public schools and talk about France’s unique form of secularism! TRANSCRIPT - ------ My Links Thinking in English Bonus Podcast.... NOW ON SPOTIFY! - ENGLISH CLASSES -  NEW YOUTUBE Channel!!! -  INSTAGRAM - thinkinginenglishpodcast (   Blog - ------  Vocabulary Multiculturalism (n): The coexistence of diverse cultural, ethnic, and religious groups within a society. Secularism (n): The principle of separating religion from government and public institutions. Secular (adj): Related to things that are not religious or spiritual in nature, or not affiliated with any particular religion. To prohibit (v): To formally forbid or disallow something by law, rule, or authority. Policy (n): A set of principles, guidelines, or rules that dictate how decisions are made and actions are taken within an organization or government. Neutrality (n): The state of being impartial or not taking sides in a conflict, dispute, or issue. Conspicuous (adj): Easily noticeable or standing out due to being prominent, obvious, or striking. Citizenship (n): The status of being a member of a particular country and enjoying the rights and responsibilities that come with it.


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