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psychology of sex, a talk with lori beth bisbey [video]

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psychology of sex, a talk with lori beth bisbey [video]

20 Juni 2024

[video available on spotify] today, we're talking about sex, which is funny because i am not known as a super sexual person. i'm somebody who could not have a more cookie-cutter sort of sexual experience. i'm a monogamous dater. i'm also somebody who doesn't love casual sex. i've never experimented in any open relationships. and this is why i’m excited to speak with lori beth bisbey. lori is a sex and intimacy expert and psychologist. she also hosts the podcast, “the a to z of sex.” we’re gonna talk about non-monogamous relationships, kinks, fetishes and more. so let’s welcome lori beth bisbey. you can listen to lori's book, "dancing the edge to reclaiming your reality" here: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


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