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260. How to argue (and win arguments) in English?

260. How to argue (and win arguments) in English?

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4 September 2023

7 Day FREE CONVERSATION CLUB TRIAL - ⁠ Thinking in English Bonus Podcast.... NOW ON SPOTIFY! -⁠ Take a Class with Thinking in English! (Use code TRIAL50 for 50% off) - ------  Do you know how to argue in English? Listen to this episode to find out how to build your argumentation skills and apply these in your personal life, work-life, and academic life! TRANSCRIPT - ------ My Links ENGLISH CLASSES -  NEW YOUTUBE Channel!!! -  INSTAGRAM - thinkinginenglishpodcast (   Blog - ------  Vocabulary To persuade (v): To convince someone to accept your viewpoint or take a particular action. To convince (v): To make someone believe or agree with a certain idea or argument. Counterargument (n): Opposing viewpoints or arguments that challenge the main argument. Credibility (adj): The trustworthiness and believability of a source or speaker. Antithesis (n): Presenting contrasting ideas to highlight the strengths of your argument. Active listening (n): Paying close attention to what others are saying. To resonate (v): Elicits a positive response or connection with the audience.


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