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A Real-Life Pearl Harbor Love Story

11 Menit

A Real-Life Pearl Harbor Love Story

7 Desember 2021

In October of 1941, a young soldier was on leave in southern California when he met the woman he was sure he would marry. Then, two months later while stationed in Hawaii, Art "Bud" Montagne witnessed the attack on Pearl Harbor firsthand, and was swept up in the conflict that followed. NPR special correspondent Renee Montagne tells the story of what her father witnessed on that day 80 years ago, and how a cinematic love story — put on pause by war — turned out for him. Read more about Art Montagne's experiences at Pearl Harbor. In participating regions, you'll also hear a local news segment that will help you make sense of what's going on in your community. Email us at Learn more about sponsor message choices: NPR Privacy Policy


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