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Bobby and Andrew Take Down Wall Street

Bobby and Andrew Take Down Wall Street

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1 Februari 2021

Thank You to our Sponsors: & & & download DoorDash app and use code: BADFRIENDS2021 Subscribe to our YouTube: 0:00 Rudy Confronts Andrew 3:15 Bobby vs Gamestop: Do We Like This Stock?  7:40 The Lifetime Chipotle Card 10:15 The Worst Salad Bars In The World 15:20 Bad Friends Reviews: In and of Itself & How To with John Williams 23:05 Andrew's New Movie: Pixar's Out 29:05 Rudy's Issues with Tito 33:00 Bad Friends Revies: The Vast of Night 37:05 Chris Struckman, Go On TigerBelly 43:15 How To Make Hollywood Small Talk 48:05 Whitmer Thomas' Rigmarole 54:50 Joe Rogan's Austin Train Picks Up Tim Dillon & Tony Hinchcliffe 58:05 Rudy's Pretends to Be a Teacher More Bobby Lee TigerBelly: Instagram: Twitter: Tickets: More Andrew Santino Whiskey Ginger:   Instagram: Twitter:  Tickets: More Bad Friends iTunes: Instagram:   Twitter:   Official Website: Opening Credits and Branding: & Credit Sequence Music: //  Character Design: Produced by George Kimmel & Bryce Hallock - 7EQUIS Podcast Producers: Jenna Sunde, Joe Faria, Andrés Rosende Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


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