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is marriage outdated? [video]

is marriage outdated? [video]

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27 April 2023

[video available on Spotify] today i'm going to be talking about a topic that is not a hot topic: marriage. when my parents were growing up, marriage was this sort of fundamental part of being a human. and recent statistics are showing that millennials and gen z are apparently not loving the idea of getting married. when i was younger i really didn't know if i wanted to get married and have kids. part of it could have been that my parents were divorced. but I think a big part of why i had that belief was out of this desire to rebel against the norm. it's fascinating to me that something so foundational like marriage is being so heavily questioned. it's making me wonder whether or not the questioning is rational, or if it's just kind of an act of rebellion against society. because when we're told to do something, sometimes we freak out and decide to rebel against it. so i guess i just want to investigate all of it. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


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