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Ep174 - Nigel Ng | Nigel Ng Meets Uncle Roger

Ep174 - Nigel Ng | Nigel Ng Meets Uncle Roger

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7 September 2021

Nigel Ng discusses how he has overcome adversity and all odds against him to be successful, and gain a tremendous fanbase over years of hard work. Nigel Ng is a Malaysian stand up comedian and content creator. He started his career in the Chicago comedy clubs and is now based in London. In 2020, he went viral from his portrayal of Uncle Roger, a middle-aged Asian man reviewing an egg fried rice video. In 10 months, he has amassed 170 million views on his YouTube channel and a combined following of over 5 million across his social media platforms. As a standup, Nigel has been nominated for the Best Newcomer Award for his sold-out show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2019, and sold out multiple runs throughout the UK and Europe. His TV credits include Comedy Central’s Stand Up Central and Roast Battle, BBC Two's Mock The Week and ITV’s Jonathan Ross Comedy Club. Nigel also hosts Rice To Meet You, a hugely popular comedy podcast.  Check out Nigel's YouTube channel at Moderated by Albert Chan. Visit to watch the video of this event.


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