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Ep103 - Anthony Bourdain | No Reservations

Ep103 - Anthony Bourdain | No Reservations

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11 Agustus 2020

Anthony Bourdain was an American celebrity chef, author, and journalist but was probably mostly widely known for his book Kitchen Confidential and as the host of the travel documentary series, No Reservations, and Parts Unknown. Born in New York City, his career was widely regarded as that of a controversial and outspoken bad-boy-rock-star of the culinary world pulling no punches on his opinions, critiques, commentary and more about the world of food and its inhabitants. But behind the scenes Bourdain was a powerful journalist, philanthropist and advocate, working hard to address injustice and inequality in the areas of food culture, racism, immigration, and sexual harassment in the restaurant and entertainment worlds. Going back to 2011 for his first Talks at Google appearance along with the creative team of The Layover, here is Anthony Bourdain. Visit to watch the video.


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