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E510 Investigative Journalist Nate Halverson

2 Jam, 16 Menit

E510 Investigative Journalist Nate Halverson

13 Juni 2024

Nate Halverson is an independent investigative reporter and producer behind the documentary “The Grab” which explores the international race to control access to food and water. He also writes for the Center For Investigative Reporting covering topics such as organized crime, social media, food access, economic inequality and more.  Nate Halverson joins Theo to talk about what he learned producing his documentary “The Grab”, why every world power is working to control the access of food and water, the financial incentives behind it, what he saw firsthand in countries affected by this, why China is buying large amounts of farmland in America, the implications this power dynamic will have on future generations, and more.  Watch “The Grab”:  ------------------------------------------------ Tour Dates! New Merch: ------------------------------------------------- Sponsored By: BetterHelp: This episode is sponsored by BetterHelp — go to  to get 10% off your first month. Chubbies: Your summer wardrobe awaits! Get 20% off @chubbies with the code theo at  #chubbiespod Morgan & Morgan: Text TPW to 4-THE-PEOPLE (484-373-6753) for your chance to win 2 tickets to UFC 303 to see McGregor vs. Chandler, or click this link  Blue Cube: Follow @BlueCubeBaths on Instagram for a chance to win your own cold plunge this Summer!  ------------------------------------------------- Music: “Shine” by Bishop Gunn ------------------------------------------------ Submit your funny videos, TikToks, questions and topics you'd like to hear on the podcast to: Hit the Hotline: 985-664-9503 Video Hotline for Theo Upload here: Send mail to: This Past Weekend 1906 Glen Echo Rd PO Box #159359 Nashville, TN 37215 ------------------------------------------------ Find Theo: Website: Instagram: Facebook: Facebook Group: Twitter: YouTube: Clips Channel: Shorts Channel: ------------------------------------------------ Producer: Zach Producer: Ben  Producer: Nick Producer: Colin Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


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