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757 How the Food Industry Is Feeding You Lies with Vani Hari

757 How the Food Industry Is Feeding You Lies with Vani Hari

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11 Februari 2019

STAND UP FOR WHAT YOU BELIEVE IN. It’s much easier to eat whatever you’re craving without thinking much about it. It takes energy and intention to figure out what’s actually in our food. But making the effort to understand the ingredients we put in our body will help us take our life to the next level. So why is it so hard? The food industry is doing everything they can to keep chemicals in their food in order to increase shelf-life and keep you wanting more. Unless you’re making the effort to eat well, you’ll be convinced by their marketing lies. On today’s episode of The School of Greatness, I talk with an amazing woman who has bravely taken the giants of the food industry: Vani Hari. Vani Hari aka “The Food Babe” is a New York Times best-selling author, blogger, and activist. She investigates what is really in our food, how is it grown and what chemicals are used in its production. Companies such as Chick-fil-A and Kraft have changed their ingredients based on her campaigns. Vani says that we need to know all the ingredients in our food, we need to know if they’re nutritious, and we need to know where they come from. So get ready to learn about the lies the food industry tells us on Episode 757. Some Questions I Ask: Why does the food industry need so many chemicals? (24:00) How do you know what’s real and what’s fake? (26:30) Is all organic food good? (37:00) What are the standards for ingredients in your company? (42:00) In This Episode You Will Learn: How Vani’s efforts helped change the ingredients used by big companies (12:00) How Vani dealt with attacks on her character (16:00) The dangers of “Astroturf Campaigns” that try to prevent change (18:00) Why the “coconut oil is bad” headline was a lie (20:00) About the Three Question Detox (30:00) About the “48-hour Toxin Takedown” (36:00)


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