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Benchmark’s Mitch Lasky and Blake Robbins on The Art of Business in Gaming

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26 April 2023

We sit down Benchmark’s legendary gaming investors Mitch Lasky and Blake Robbins (now also of the excellent Gamecraft podcast fame) to discuss the history and future of gaming business models. This episode is the perfect bookend to our Nintendo/Sega gaming series this season on Acquired — no one is more qualified than Mitch and Blake to breakdown how the business side of the industry has evolved so radically from the Periscope quarter-drop days to the forever games and platform based publishers of today. Regardless if you’re a gamer, understanding the incredible innovation that’s taken place over the past two decades in gaming and what it portends for other industries is critical for any founder and investor to understand. Tune in! ACQ2 Show + LP Program: Subscribe to our interview show, ACQ2! Become an LP and support the show. Help us pick episodes, Zoom calls and more. Sponsors: Thanks to our fantastic partners, any member of the Acquired community can now get: All of your product growth powered by Statsig Up to 10% off your first year of business insurance with Vouch A free trial of PitchBook + links to research reports! Links The Gamecraft Podcast Mitch and Blake on Twitter The Genius of the System Mitch’s old “Investing in Content” blog post That Game Company and Sky Riot and the League of Legends growth hack Note: Acquired hosts and guests may hold assets discussed in this episode. This podcast is not investment advice, and is intended for informational and entertainment purposes only. You should do your own research and make your own independent decisions when considering any financial transactions.


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