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#353 Podcast Al Qur'an Juz 21 QS 30 Ar Rum 54-60

#353 Podcast Al Qur'an Juz 21 QS 30 Ar Rum 54-60

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22 Februari 2021

[Quran Chapter 30] 54. God is He Who created you weak, then after weakness gave you strength, then after strength gave you weakness and gray hair. He creates whatever He wills. He is the Omniscient, the Omnipotent. 55. On the Day when the Hour takes place, the sinners will swear they had stayed but an hour. Thus they were deluded. 56. But those endowed with knowledge and faith will say, "You remained in God's Book until the Day of Resurrection. This is the Day of Resurrection, but you did not know." 57. On that Day, the sinners' excuses will not benefit them, nor will they be excused. 58. We have cited in this Quran for the people every sort of parable. But even if you bring them a miracle, those who disbelieve will say, "You are nothing but fakers." 59. God thus seals the hearts of those who do not know. 60. So be patient. The promise of God is true. And do not let those who lack certainty belittle you. --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:


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