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Should curiosity be a new metric for leadership?

18 Menit

Should curiosity be a new metric for leadership?

12 Juni 2018

There’s a new wave in consultants, coaches and innovation gurus working with C-level leadership to hone their knowledge and skills around emerging topics and trends.  And while we can learn the Mary Meeker - like insights - doesn’t it all come down to where curiosity meets action? Brad Grossman, founder of Zeitguide, sits down with Alexa and Laura this week to talk about focusing all of the data we’re digesting, and gives us some insight on how to become consciously curious by engaging new resources, thinking like movie producers and pushing beyond our ad industry confines. This episode is meant to provoke the question "Why?" and if we’re asking that question all levels of the game. And don’t miss Brad’s yogi #KILLBUYDIY Learn more about your ad-choices at See for privacy information.


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