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UFOs and the US Government - The Paranormal Podcast 808

UFOs and the US Government - The Paranormal Podcast 808

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21 November 2023

An exhaustive history of the US government's investigation into UFOs has just been released by Pulitzer Prize finalist Garrett Graff. Garrett joins us to give us the inside story in this fascinating discussion. You can find his new book, UFO: The Inside Story of the US Government's Search for Alien Life Here―and Out There, at Amazon: Thanks Garrett! — BLACK FRIDAY SALE ON JIM HAROLD MERCH (ETSY ONLY) Use Promo Code BLACKFRIDAY23 To Get 20% off of Jim's Etsy store items now thru November 27th.  Go to and select Jim's Etsy store to shop for T's, Hoodies, Blankets, Mugs and more! BE SURE TO USE THE CODE BLACKFRIDAY23 to get the deal! FREE CAMPFIRE E-BOOK Get your FREE Campfire E-book here: when you signup to my email newsletter list. YOUTUBE CHANNEL Be sure to subscribe to Jim’s YouTube channel for paranormal videos and more: TRANSCRIPT Find it here: -- For more information on our podcast data policy CLICK HERE


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