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Breaking Down the Blockchain

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Breaking Down the Blockchain

18 September 2018

Returning guest Jarrod Dicker, now CEO of,, a blockchain company for creators,  visits us to talk all things blockchain. In this episode, we get an education on what it is, why we need it and some provocative use cases for how it may just be the thing that upends the media industry. We debate the meaning of premium and who gets to define it, along with the role of publishers in a world where creators carry all the value. We learn about the 3 R's the internet is built from (recency, relevancy, and reputation), and can't help but think out loud "scale f'd it all up".  If you’re not thinking about the blockchain, this episode will change your mind. Can you hear us…BLOCKCHAINLANDIA? Learn more about your ad-choices at See for privacy information.


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