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Listener Questions - HR Edition

24 Menit

Listener Questions - HR Edition

3 Juli 2024

In this episode, Andrea LaRowe, Head of People Operations at 37signals, joins host Kimberly Rhodes to answer questions about the company's HR practices. They discuss the company's management structure and performance evaluations and what the company looks for when hiring. Andrea also shares what's involved in the All Hands meeting and tips for planning a company meet-up. Key Takeaways: 00:42 - Meet Andrea 02:19 - 37signals' managerial structure and one-on-one process 06:15 - 360 evaluations and annual employee reviews 09:38 - What job applicants can do to stand out 12:45 - All-hands meetings 17:21 - Company meetups 21:57 - Hiring employees using the ‘manager of one’ concept Links and Resources: Jobs at 37signals Books by 37signals Sign up for a 30-day free trial at Once software products HEY World | HEY The REWORK podcast The Rework Podcast on YouTube The 37signals Dev Blog 37signals on YouTube @37signals on X


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