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This is Quick with Novartis' CEO Vas Narasimhan

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This is Quick with Novartis' CEO Vas Narasimhan

15 Juni 2023

After we finish recording This is Working (the video series), we cajole guests to stick around for quick answers to questions about productivity and career growth — a feature called This is Quick. In this week's session, Vas Narasimhan tells us why he carries a 400-million-year old fossil around with him, how a college trip impacted his career path, and which mentor had lasting impact on his life. Got questions you want to hear Editor in Chief Dan Roth ask? Share a post or comment with the hashtag #ThisIsWorking on LinkedIn, or drop us a line - you can reach us at Follow Vas Narasimhan and Dan Roth on LinkedIn. You can watch Dan's full interview with Vas on the LinkedIn News page. Get this conversation and more delivered directly to your inbox by subscribing to the newsletter. It's also called This is Working!


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