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Can Ferrari or Aston break Red Bull’s streak? Monaco GP Preview with Guenther Steiner & Zak Brown

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22 Mei 2023

‘I think there are two teams that’ll be faster than Red Bull in Monaco’. It’s a big statement from Tom Clarkson. He’s been studying the data and explains why the slow, tight corners of Monaco could give Ferrari and Aston Martin an advantage over Red Bull. TC and Natalie Pinkham look ahead to F1’s most famous race and discuss who’ll go well in the Principality. Which Red Bull driver has more momentum – Miami winner Max Verstappen or street circuit specialist Sergio Perez? Could Fernando Alonso’s experience give him the upper hand? Can Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc end his run of bad luck on his home circuit? Plus, Haas boss Guenther Steiner looks ahead to the team’s 150th race in F1, and McLaren CEO Zak Brown talks juggling the Monaco Grand Prix and the Indy 500. Formula 1 is supporting the communities affected by flooding in Emilia Romagna. To add your donation to the region’s emergency fund, go to Try it risk-free now with a 30-day money-back guarantee! and use code nation16 for 16 free meals plus free shipping!


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