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Arena Show Part I: Idea Dinner + YC Continuity

Arena Show Part I: Idea Dinner + YC Continuity

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12 Mei 2022

We did an Arena Show!! This evening was so big and so special, we had to split it into two episodes for the podcast feed. First up is the Idea Dinner with our best internet buddies, Packy McCormick and Mario Gabriele (and special guest judge Shu Nyatta), followed by the story of YC Continuity with managing partner Anu Hariharan. Huge, huge thank you to PitchBook for making this night possible. Stay tuned for Part II! Sponsors: 1Password: Revelo: Vanta: If you want more Acquired, you can follow our newly public LP Show feed here in the podcast player of your choice (including Spotify!). ‍Note: Acquired hosts and guests may hold assets discussed in this episode. This podcast is not investment advice, and is intended for informational and entertainment purposes only. You should do your own research and make your own independent decisions when considering any financial transactions.


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