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Rerun: Ep4 "Making Bad Investments Profitable" with Pete Briger

27 Menit

Rerun: Ep4 "Making Bad Investments Profitable" with Pete Briger

13 Juni 2024

This summer break, we'll be taking a pause from uploading new episodes. However, Jules and Jonathan have handpicked some favorite past episodes for new listeners to enjoy and subscribers to revisit! When it comes to investments, value sometimes resides in unlikely places. Pete Briger, CEO of Fortress Investment Group, specializes in buying bad debt and spinning it into gold. In this episode of All Else Equal, Briger, who dubs himself a “garbage collector,” describes how he makes decisions and why being prepared to act quickly and decisively is crucial for success. In a market bristling with competitors, “the competitive edge you get may be expressed in the context of days,” Briger says. Submit your questions to the show here: Find All Else Equal on the web: All Else Equal: Making Better Decisions Podcast is a production of Stanford Graduate School of Business and is produced by University FM. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at


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