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#386 Podcast Al Qur'an Juz 23 Surah 37 As Shaffat 1-21

#386 Podcast Al Qur'an Juz 23 Surah 37 As Shaffat 1-21

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16 Juli 2021

[Quran Chapter 37] In the name of God, the Gracious, the Merciful. 1. By the aligners aligning. 2. And the drivers driving. 3. And the reciters of the Reminder. 4. Your God is indeed One. 5. Lord of the heavens and the earth, and everything between them; and Lord of the Easts. 6. We have adorned the lower heaven with the beauty of the planets. 7. And guarded it against every defiant devil. 8. They cannot eavesdrop on the Supernal Elite, for they get bombarded from every side. 9. Repelled—they will have a lingering torment. 10. Except for him who snatches a fragment—he gets pursued by a piercing projectile. 11. Inquire of them, "Are they more difficult to create, or the others We created?" We created them from sticky clay. 12. But you wonder, and they ridicule. 13. And when reminded, they pay no attention. 14. And when they see a sign, they ridicule. 15. And they say, "This is nothing but plain magic. 16. When we have died and become dust and bones, shall we be resurrected? 17. And our ancestors of old?" 18. Say, "Yes indeed, and you will be totally subdued." 19. It will be a single nudge, and they will be staring. 20. They will say, "Woe to us. This is the Day of Judgment." 21. "This is the Day of Separation which you used to deny. --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:


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