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Pinned by a 4-Ton Boulder: Inches from Death

50 Menit

Pinned by a 4-Ton Boulder: Inches from Death

29 Mei 2024

Kevin DePaolo is a ‘digital nomad’. He works remotely, lives in his van, and freely travels around the United States seeking new experiences. One day, he sets out to explore the desolate plains of Santa Rita Flat. But here, suddenly, the on-the-move adventurer will find himself trapped - crushed by an immense weight, unable to escape. Somehow, Kevin must find a way to hang on, as the life is squeezed out of him… A Noiser production, written by Joe Viner. For ad-free listening, bonus material and early access to new episodes, join Noiser+. Click the Noiser+ banner to get started. Or, if you’re on Spotify or Android, go to If you have an amazing survival story of your own that you’d like to put forward for the show, let us know. Drop us an email at Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


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