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Kamala Harris, Project 2025, Houston After Beryl

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Kamala Harris, Project 2025, Houston After Beryl

11 Juli 2024

President Biden is facing more calls to step down, putting Vice President Kamala Harris under fresh scrutiny from Republicans and others. Donald Trump is attempting to distance himself from Project 2025, a controversial plan for the conservative overhaul of government. And Houston residents are recovering after Hurricane Beryl knocked out power to more than two million homes and businesses. Want more comprehensive analysis of the most important news of the day, plus a little fun? Subscribe to the Up First newsletter. Today's episode of Up First was edited by Roberta Rampton, Megan Pratz, Eric Westervelt, Janaya Williams and Alice Woelfle. It was produced by Ziad Buchh, Ben Abrams and Kaity Kline. We get engineering support from Hannah Gluvna. And our technical director is Carleigh Strange. Learn more about sponsor message choices: NPR Privacy Policy


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