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Twitter (with Dick Costolo)

Twitter (with Dick Costolo)

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28 Oktober 2020

A week before the 2020 US Presidential election, former Twitter CEO Dick Costolo joins us to tell the story of a company that has impacted all of our lives (political and otherwise) like none other. While it's easy to forget now, a very viable alternate history exists where it's Twitter, not Facebook, who owns Instagram, and Vine, not TikTok, that's the global platform for mobile video. We dive into it all on this episode — and of course while we had Dick, we also had to discuss his controversial recent deleted tweet.  If you want more Acquired and the tools + resources to become the best founder, operator or investor you can be, join our LP Program for access to our LP Show, the LP community on Slack and Zoom, and our live Book Club discussions with top authors. Join here at: Sponsors: 1Password: Revelo: Vanta: New! We're codifying our own Playbook notes and takeaways from each episode, and posting them on our website. You can read them at: Links: Ashish Goel at Stanford: Dick and Adam's new firm, 01 Advisors: Carve Outs: Vote!


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