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Quiet Quitting: A Loud Trend Overtaking Social Media

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Quiet Quitting: A Loud Trend Overtaking Social Media

9 September 2022

Quiet quitting. It's a buzzy topic in the workplace and on social media, sparked by a viral TikTok video earlier this summer. So what does it mean? For some workers, it's simply doing what's in your job description and nothing more. For others, it's about setting boundaries and focusing on work-life balance. Quiet quitting doesn't actually involve quitting a job. But as workplace culture has changed during the pandemic, many people are re-evaluating their relationship to work and trying to figure out the right balance between their work lives and their personal lives. We talk to Robyn Garrett, CEO of the leadership company Beamably, and Jhanee Carter, CEO and founder of the HR Queen, about quiet quitting and the impact it's having on workers and the workplace. In participating regions, you'll also hear a local news segment to help you make sense of what's going on in your community. Email us at Learn more about sponsor message choices: NPR Privacy Policy


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