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Podcast Al Quran #84 Juz 6 QS 4 An Nisa 172-176

Podcast Al Quran #84 Juz 6 QS 4 An Nisa 172-176

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2 Agustus 2019

[Quran Chapter 4] 172. The Messiah does not disdain to be a servant of Allah, nor do the favored angels. Whoever disdains His worship, and is too arrogant—He will round them up to Himself altogether. 173. But as for those who believe and do good works, He will pay them their wages in full, and will increase His grace for them. But as for those who disdain and are too proud, He will punish them with an agonizing punishment. And they will find for themselves, apart from Allah, no lord and no savior. 174. O people! A proof has come to you from your Lord, and We sent down to you a clear light. 175. As for those who believe in Allah, and hold fast to Him, He will admit them into mercy and grace from Him, and will guide them to Himself in a straight path. 176. They ask you for a ruling. Say, "Allah gives you a ruling concerning the person who has neither parents nor children." If a man dies, and leaves no children, and he had a sister, she receives one-half of what he leaves. And he inherits from her if she leaves no children. But if there are two sisters, they receive two-thirds of what he leaves. If the siblings are men and women, the male receives the share of two females." Allah makes things clear for you, lest you err. Allah is Aware of everything. --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:


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