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A 'Pandemic Of Unvaccinated People' As Delta Variant Spreads Rapidly

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A 'Pandemic Of Unvaccinated People' As Delta Variant Spreads Rapidly

30 Juni 2021

Los Angeles County — America's most populous county — recently recommended mask wearing even for vaccinated people, just two weeks after the state relaxed most COVID restrictions. County officials say masks will help protect unvaccinated people from the more transmissible delta variant, which is spreading rapidly across the country. CDC director Rochelle Walensky tells NPR the federal government may "encourage" states to return to more mitigation measures in places where vaccination is low and the delta variant is driving cases up. That describes the situation in Missouri. Rebecca Smith with member station KBIA reports from Columbia. Shalina Chatlani of the Gulf States Newsroom looks at the challenge of getting more people vaccinated in southern states. In participating regions, you'll also hear a local news segment that will help you make sense of what's going on in your community. Email us at Learn more about sponsor message choices: NPR Privacy Policy


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