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Carol Stuart // 357

Carol Stuart // 357

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18 November 2023

In October of 1989, a 30-year-old pregnant woman was murdered after being apprehended at a stoplight in Boston. When her injured husband called police to explain what happened, an intense investigation began, revealing a surprising suspect. This is the story of Carol Stuart. BONUS EPISODES Apple Subscriptions: Patreon: CASE SOURCES 1. Carol's FInd A Grave: 2. The Boston Globe: 3. The Boston Globe: 4. New York Times: 5. Cold Blood: 6. CBS News: 7. CBS News: 8. Tampa Bay Times: 9. Washington Post: 10. The Huntington News:,on%20a%20nondescript%20black%20person. 11. The Boston Globe: 12. The Boston Globe: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


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