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TLDR: Communications [and courage] in 2018

21 Menit

 TLDR: Communications [and courage] in 2018

30 Oktober 2018

Deirdre Latour, former GE Chief Communications Officer, reputation consultant and host of podcast FlackU!, visits us to talk about brand and executive communications in 2018. On this episode we talk about the relationship between corporate communications and marketing, and how that manifests in culture. Deirdre shares insights on why brands should avoid packaging the message and focus on authenticity. We discuss the balance of gut and data with a focus on courage, and what skills are required for great communicators (vulnerability, empathy and more) in today's marketplace. Listen to why Deirdre believes every brand can stand for something, and how we can all become better professional communicators externally and internally. This episode may have you starting an F U fund, thinking about being present and changing your email habits. Don't miss an all new #KillBuyDIY. Learn more about your ad-choices at See for privacy information.


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