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Episode 513: Mamie Thurman

Episode 513: Mamie Thurman

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20 November 2023

On June 22, 1932, a boy picking blackberries in rural Logan, West Virginia made a hideous discovery when he happened upon the dead and brutalized body of local woman, Mamie Thurman. At first glance, Mamie’s murder resembled a gangland-style execution; she had been shot twice in the head and her throat had been slit from one side to the other, as though whoever killed her wanted to make sure she didn’t survive. The murder shocked the small town of Logan. Mamie was well-known around town as a devoted wife to her husband, Jack, a local police officer, and a good Christian who was actively involved in her church and community organizations. Yet as news of the murder spread, so too did rumors of Mamie’s infidelity and poor moral character. Ultimately, local Black handyman Charles Stephenson was arrested, tried, and convicted in a sensational trial that made national headlines. Yet many felt that conviction was obtained on questionable evidence and, in retrospect, largely the result of racial bias.  Was Mamie Thurman really just an unfortunate victim of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, or was there a more personal element? Indeed, evidence suggests there was more going on in the case of Mamie’s death than a simple murder and that a number of powerful men conspired to cover up the true motive for Mamie’s death, allowing the true killer to walk free. Thank you to the wonderful David White, of the Bring Me the Axe pod, for research assistance References Charleston Daily Mail. 1932. "Negro was at killing scene." Charleston Daily Mail, June 27: 1. —. 1932. "Pair guarded in Logan case." Charleston Daily Mail, June 26: 1. —. 1932. "Tests show blood in Logan official's car." Charleston Daily Mail, July 28: 1. —. 1932. "Two men accused of Logan murder." Charleston Daily Mail, June 23: 1. —. 1932. "Two more questioned in Logan murder case." Charleston Daily Mail, June 24: 1. Davis, F. Keith. 2021. Secret Life and Brutal Death of Mamie Thurman. Charleston, WV: Quarrier Press. Hinton Daily News. 1932. "Large crowd at hearing of Logan men." Hinton Daily News, June 25: 1. State of West Virginia vs. Clarence Stevenson. 1933. 172 S.E. 533; 7621 (Supreme Court of West Virginia, December 16). See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at


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