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Lunch #37: What Women Think (About Money) feat. Prita Ghozie (Part 1)

Lunch #37: What Women Think (About Money) feat. Prita Ghozie (Part 1)

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14 Februari 2020

If you think you know women, well think again. This episode is made for you who are figuring out your special someone, from the perspective of two men wanting to understanding their wives. As it turns out, this goes beyond money. There's a lot to learn in this episode, no matter which side you are on. Here's a quick timestamp of what we covered in this episode: Closet check (4:45) Money mindset man vs. women (5:12) Money & confidence (9:55)  Investing, apakah lebih dominan laki-laki? (11:05) Obrolan keuangan sewaktu pacaran (16:24) Why women are earning less? (25:17) Having kids now, later or even later in life? (34:17) -- Enjoy! If you have any suggestions on topic or if you have things you want us to help you with, holla at us [email protected]


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