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Floating, Music and Tortillas

Floating, Music and Tortillas

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16 September 2023

Join Elliot and his friends on a space adventure in this episode of Stories for Kids! Elliot wants to become an astronaut and be just like his hero, Ellen Ochoa the first Hispanic woman to journey into space. In this episode, you can learn about important skills such as teamwork and perseverance that helped Ellen achieve extraordinary feats that literally took her beyond our planet. Get ready to find out what it takes to become an astronaut like the space-traveling superstar Ellen Ochoa.  🚀🌟 #EllenOchoa #AstronautAdventures #Teamwork #Perseverance #KidsPodcast ☀️ Parents, Inside the Lingokids app, we have 1,200+ fun, interactive activities, games, songs, and videos to help kids learn academics and modern life skills in today’s world. It’s free to try.


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