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Podcast Al Quran #140 Juz 9 QS 7 Al A'raf 158-162

Podcast Al Quran #140 Juz 9 QS 7 Al A'raf 158-162

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13 Oktober 2019

[Quran Chapter 7] 158. Say, "O people, I am the Messenger of Allah to you all—He to whom belongs the kingdom of the heavens and the earth. There is no god but He. He gives life and causes death." So believe in Allah and His Messenger, the Unlettered Prophet, who believes in Allah and His words. And follow him, that you may be guided. 159. Among the people of Moses is a community that guides by truth, and thereby does justice. 160. We divided them into twelve tribal communities. And We inspired Moses, when his people asked him for something to drink: "Strike the rock with your staff." Whereupon twelve springs gushed from it. Each group recognized its drinking-place. And We shaded them with clouds, and We sent down upon them manna and quails: "Eat of the good things We have provided for you." They did not wrong Us, but they used to wrong their own selves. 161. And it was said to them, "Settle this town, and eat therein whatever you wish, and speak modestly, and enter the gate in humility—We will forgive your sins, and will promote the righteous." 162. But the wicked among them substituted other words for the words given to them; so We sent down upon them a plague from the sky, because of their wrongdoing. --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:


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