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Indicator Quiz: May Edition

9 Menit

Indicator Quiz: May Edition

30 Mei 2024

It's time for The Indicator Quiz! We test you, dear listener, on your knowledge of topics that we've covered on The Indicator! Today's quiz focuses on ch-ch-changes. (That's a David Bowie reference, kids!) We're covering changes in the economy, the environment, the rental market, you get the picture. We're even tossing in a question about an AI-resurrected rapper. Play along with us and see how you do! Are you interested in being a contestant on our next Indicator Quiz? Email us your name and phone number at and put "Indicator Quiz" in the subject line. Related Episodes: Hazard maps: The curse of knowledge AI Tupac and the murky legality of digital necromancy The highs and lows of US rents Learn more about sponsor message choices: NPR Privacy Policy


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