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Rich People “Ask How Much?” Poor People Ask “How Much a Month?”

Rich People “Ask How Much?” Poor People Ask “How Much a Month?”

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24 Oktober 2023

Dave Ramsey & Jade Warshaw answer your questions and discuss: How to deal with bills in collections, "Should we buy or rent when we get married?" "Is it dumb to take out a business loan?" "How can we get out of a financial rut?" "How do cashback debit cards work?" "Should I rent or buy after moving?" "How can I get out of $50,000 of debt?" "Should I keep my whole life insurance policies?" Rapid fire questions around Baby Steps 4, 5, and 6, Buying furniture vs paying down the mortgage. Have a question for the show? Call 888-825-5225 Weekdays from 2-5pm ET Support Our Sponsors: Balance of Nature Christian Healthcare Ministries DreamCloud Zander Insurance Neighborly The Ramsey Show Listener Survey: Click here to be Entered to Win a $500 Gift Card!!! Prep for open enrollment—take our coverage quiz! Click Here Need help with your taxes? See who we trust. Click Here Want a plan for your money? Find out where to start: Click Here Listen to all The Ramsey Network podcasts: Click Here Interested in advertising on The Ramsey Show? Click Here Learn more about your ad choices. Ramsey Solutions Privacy Policy


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