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Patrick Bet David on Getting Rich, Signing Tucker Carlson, & Finding God

Patrick Bet David on Getting Rich, Signing Tucker Carlson, & Finding God

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30 Mei 2023

Flagrant family, we have Valuetainment’s Patrick Bet-David talking about DeSantis’ chances, the influence of George Soros, Trump’s skill, Musk’s Twitter becoming a trillion dollar company and how to make sure your children don’t become spoilt brats. INDULGE! 00:00 PBD growing up in Islamic Republic of Iran 07:06 Paranoia is essential for business 07:59 Being a refugee in Germany 10:05 Living in America + growing up in LA 12:12 Becoming a proud American 16:27 Who would you be: Jordan, Jackson or Gates? 19:55 LeBron or Jordan? 22:33 PBD LOVES numbers + insurance business 26:47 Financial freedom to become a YouTuber 34:48 Tucker Carlson $100m + Talking to EVERYONE 37:16 Explaining Chelsea Handler 39:28 Who is Patrick Bet-David? 41:54 Ron DeSantis needs HELP + PBD putting superteam together 51:16 Twitter will be $TRILLION company + Musk will be trillionaire 56:29 Can DeSantis beat Trump? 01:40:05 Trump is JFK + Sanders crumbled 01:14:57 Can we trust Trump numbers? 01:18:54 JFK conspiracy corner + Carson’s skill 01:25:26 Nationalism ain’t bad + Turkey is lit 01:29:24 How deep is the State? 01:39:29 GEORGE SOROS + abortions + LGBT 01:58:56 Ignorance is bliss + understanding anti-establishment 02:06:45 Diversity policies 02:10:12 Power of religion - organised and wokeness 02:16:07 How do you know you don’t like men? 02:28:38 PBD’s gun policy - training and background checks 02:27:22 Understanding a body count of 1 02:30:52 What will be your legacy? + Careful who you make heroes 02:34:58 Raising kids that aren’t brats


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