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Magical Asian Shin Lim

Magical Asian Shin Lim

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1 November 2021

Merch: Thank you to our Sponsors:  Thank you to our Sponsors: & code: BADFRIENDS2021& & code: BADFRIENDS YouTube Subscribe: More Shin Lim  Instagram: Twitter: Website: LIMITLESS Las Vegas:  More Doc Willis   Instagram:  00:00 Doc is Back  05:39 The Tops of Turtle Island  17:05 Shin Lim's visit  23:06 From Ellen to Bad Friends  29:31 Is David Blaine Black?  34:37 Stefano Bronzato Wins Italy Got Talent With Shim Lin's Act  37:59 Shin Lim's Magic Blows Bobby, Santino and Doc Away  49:37 Gross Magic And Hacky Tricks  54:56 Shin Lim's "Limitless" in Las Vegas  1:04:44 An FBI Expert Reads Rudy's Fake Expressions  1:10:23 Rudy's Real Feelings for Tito Bobby  1:21:22 Bobby Invites Doc To His Korean Spa  1:24:03 Post Credit Scene: Who Is The Leader? More Bobby Lee TigerBelly: Instagram: Twitter: Tickets: More Andrew Santino Whiskey Ginger: Instagram: Twitter: Tickets: More Bad Friends iTunes: Instagram: Twitter: Official Website: Opening Credits and Branding: & Credit Sequence Music: // Character Design: Bad Friends Mosaic Sign: Produced by: George Kimmel & Bryce Hallock - 7EQUIS Podcast Producers: Andres Rosende & Pete Forthun Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


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