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Costa's Audio Book: Bram Stoker "Dracula" Chapter 16 讀你聽2.1《德古拉》

26 Menit

Costa's Audio Book: Bram Stoker "Dracula" Chapter 16 讀你聽2.1《德古拉》

13 Juni 2024

Leave a comment and share your thoughts: Welcome to CAB - Costa's Audio Book Presenting Bram Stoker's "Dracula" 歡迎收聽《讀你聽2.1》 布莱姆 斯托克《德古拉》 作者將德古拉描繪成文質彬彬 聰明 具有吸引異性魅力 能夠控制對方思想的紳士 突破了傳說中的吸血鬼 醜陋 沒有智力的動物形象 本小說的流行 成功地使德古拉成為吸血鬼代名詞 另外醫生范海辛也被描寫得異常細膩 思想飽滿 形象鮮明 故事上半高潮迭起 毫無冷場 絕對令讀者喘不過氣 Chapter 16 衆人面對難以接受的黑暗 終於將僵化者消滅 雨過天晴 衆人内心五味雜陳 教授慷概激昂對衆人誓言 要將肇事者抓出來消滅 Character Dracula, J Harker, M Harker, L Westenra, J Seward, Q Morris, A Holmwood, Renfield, Van Helsing Goodie's Vocabulary Repudiate V Cerement N Adamantine ADJ Tues to Thurs : Dracula, The Count of Monte Cristo Up coming: 1984, Maigret Collection: The Metamorphosis, Don Quixote, The Picture of Dorian Gray, The Diary of a Young Girl, Lord of the Flies, Liar's Poker, Sherlock Holmes, Agatha Christie, Dickens Costa & Goodie co host, accompanied with gothic score CAB as simple as it gets《讀你聽2.1》就係咁簡單 Remember to CLSS our channel needs your support :) Podcast:讀你聽2-0/id1710124458 Powered by Firstory Hosting



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