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Roll On: Finding Purpose

Roll On: Finding Purpose

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9 Juli 2020

Welcome to the third installment of Roll On—my bi-weekly deep dive into (semi) current events, topics of audience interest, and of course answers to your questions. Serving up co-host duties is Adam Skolnick, an activist and veteran journalist is perhaps best known as David Goggins' Can't Hurt Me co-author. Adam has written about adventure sports, environmental issues and civil rights for outlets such as The New York Times, Outside, ESPN, BBC, Men’s Health and many others; and he is the author of One Breath, which chronicles the life and death of Nick Mevoli, America's greatest freediver. Today's conversation begins with a few exciting announcements: an update on a new book I'm close to completing and a premium subscription offering I am currently contemplating. We then pivot to ruminations on a few noteworthy current events. Adam and I share thoughts on everything from writer’s block and cancel culture to the conspiratorial bent that is shifting the character of certain swaths of the wellness community. We talk Kanye, including my experience attending his Sunday Service. We explore the manner in which people become manipulated by the vicissitudes of the YouTube algorithm—and why we should all be on high alert when it comes to the quality of our media diet. And we each share a few tidbits of good news. We then switch gears to answer a handful of questions submitted by audience members on our Facebook Group page: How do you find purpose? What are the secrets to maintaining goals? How can we be more mindful?  What is the nature of cognitive dissonance and confirmation bias? The visually inclined can watch it all go down on YouTube. And as always, the audio version streams wild and free on Apple Podcasts and Spotify. Finally, I would love your feedback to help inform my thinking on a premium subscription offering (don't worry the podcast will always be free). Let me know your thoughts in the survey pinned to the top of our Facebook Group Page, where you can also submit questions for future episodes. We're also going to create a voicemail for future questions to be read on air. I'm having fun with this new format. I hope you find it equal parts entertaining and informative.  In the words of Guru Singh, right now more than ever we all need less emotion and more devotion. I challenge you to embody this. Peace + Plants, Rich


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