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2020 So Far: Fires, Floods, And Quakes

12 Menit

2020 So Far: Fires, Floods, And Quakes

17 Januari 2020

Already this year, natural disasters have wreaked havoc in Australia, Indonesia, and Puerto Rico. We look at some science behind the wildfires, floods, and earthquakes in those places with NPR reporters Rebecca Hersher and Jason Beaubien. You can find more of Jason's reporting on Australia here and follow him on Twitter @jasonbnpr. Follow NPR's Adrian Florido on Twitter @adrianflorido and find his reporting from Puerto Rico here. Rebecca Hersher is @rhersher and here's her story about wildfire embers in Australia. Follow host Maddie Sofia on Twitter @maddie_sofia. Email the show at Learn more about sponsor message choices: NPR Privacy Policy


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