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E166: James Bay: Imposter Syndrome, Trauma & Controlling The Voice In Your Head

E166: James Bay: Imposter Syndrome, Trauma & Controlling The Voice In Your Head

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4 Agustus 2022

James Bay is a BRIT-award winning musician who’s sold over 5 million records, and one of the most personal and authentic artists working in the field today. Never afraid to wear his heart on his sleeve in his work, his artistry has helped millions of people articulate feelings in their own heart of love, regret, and friendships made and ended. He’s definitely come a long way from the small town where he grew up, which he escaped through grasping every opportunity that came his way. There’s perhaps no industry tougher to succeed in than music, and this fear that there’s only a few that make it has haunted him at every step. So settle down and let James walk you through every step of what the creative process looks like at the elite level - where inside him it comes from, what inspires it, and how he delivers his music. James’ new album ‘Leap’ is out now. Topics: Childhood Idle time, insecurities & expectations Becoming a musician and its learnings How did it change your life? Your albums and its influence Would you change anything? Your mental health The consequences and symptoms of your inner voice The cost of fame Your partner Your latest album  Our last guest’s question James: James’ new album: Watch the episodes on Youtube: Follow us on Telegram: Sponsors: Huel - BlueJeans - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


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