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Shane Gillis on Wrestling Joe Rogan, Stylebender Loss, & Why Napoleon is The GOAT

Shane Gillis on Wrestling Joe Rogan, Stylebender Loss, & Why Napoleon is The GOAT

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13 September 2023

yerrr had to get Netflix's top dog on the pod - Shane Gillis came on to talk about his wrestling career, his drinking habits, how he's more athletic than anyone else and who is the greatest general in war history. INDULGE! 00:00 Intro 00:30 Shane’s fav. painting + Catholicism didn’t save Nagasaki 03:44 Napoleon = GOAT? Stonewall is autistic 06:04 The right cause, ready to die and women help win a war? 08:51 It was about States’ Rights! 09:39 India was England’s Walmart + Ancient History is made up 13:03 Bobs and vagene must have worked 15:34 “To let” Saga + US better than Guyana 23:32 Catholicism is RIGHT + Who likes Islam? Pope Francis ain’t it 35:37 Chris O’Connor would smoke Shane athletically 40:36 Nutting from bobs? Aussies get the best programmes 49:11 Poker beef w/ Pull it up, Jamie 53:13 Napoeleon, Total War + Dov is destroying out here 57:15 We need Ecstasy + Molly Chronicles 01:02:10 Is Andrew a meth head? What’s up with Putin? 01:05:00 CKY, Gilly and Keeves new show + Andrew can act! 01:08:27 Shane fighting a Bar Stool producer 01:11:51 Mark ALMOST beat up a woman + cry fighting 01:17:03 Joe Rogan tapped Shane constantly 01:18:30 Izzy losing, Strickland’s entertaining & Nate being Nate 01:26:27 ****Fear about assplay + Sugon 01:29:18 Flagrant singing time 01:32:08 Shane’s new song + Dov is SMRT 01:34:23 We love Ye + Free Palestine + Obama’s Chef 01:36:50 Candies v Meats + Boogie taste 01:40:25 Most famous person Shane too scared to talk to 01:41:57 Best Comedy Show? 01:46:31 Real Black angst culture + Schulz Epiphanies 01:53:26 Importance of alcohol & drugs 02:03:27 Teaching Shane to be a person 02:08:00 Alex the Great wasn’t gay, Oliver Stone’s JFK & CIA conspiracies 02:24:28 This is a sports podcast - NFL time 02:30:57 Who is best actor ever & Top Gun Maverick SUCKED 02:39:35 The Deer Hunter is an outrage 02:43:43 Shane likes some superhero movies + Spielberg Trumpets 02:50:10 Greatest films of all time - Armageddon or Independence Day? 02:55:39 National Service - yay or nay? NYC isn’t accepting


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