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E-commerce Gurus clash: Kishore Biyani is back | WTF is E-commerce w/ Nikhil Kamath | Ep #3 Trailer

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6 Mei 2023

EP #3 - OFFICIAL TRAILER The internet has changed almost every aspect of our lives, including retail. Indian e-commerce is one of the fastest-growing and most exciting markets in the world. No punches are pulled as 3 generations clash: Kishore Biyani - the pioneer and father of modern retail, Sujeet Kumar - the seasoned industry pro, and Vidit Aatrey - the young upstart and industry disrupter. Prepare for a heated and insightful deep-dive into e-commerce, exclusively in episode 3 of WTF is podcast… coming soon. Nikhil Kamath - Co-founder of Zerodha, True Beacon and Gruhas Follow Nikhil here:- Twitter Instagram Facebook Linkedin Koo #KishoreBiyani - Founder of Future Group, Big Bazaar - Godfather of Indian e-commerce #SujeetKumar - Co-founder of Udaan Follow Sujeet here:- Twitter Linkedin - Co-founder of Meesho Follow Vidit here:- Twitter Linkedin #nikhilkamath #podcast #ecommerce #WTFiswithNikhilKamath #WTFisEcommerce #KishoreBiyani #meesho #flipkart #amazon #walmart #udaan #blissclub


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