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Trailer EP #1 WTF is Metaverse? | Unedited with Nikhil Kamath ft. Tanmay Bhat, Umang Bedi & Aprameya Radhakrishna

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14 Maret 2023

EP #1 - OFFICIAL TRAILER EP #1 - OFFICIAL TRAILER Ever wondered, “what exactly is the Metaverse”? You’re not alone. Welcome to the first episode of "Unedited with Nikhil Kamath", in which Nikhil and the star-studded panel of guests will discuss life, the future of media and the complexities and confusion of the Metaverse - game-changing or nonsense? The conversation will raise as many questions as answers as they grapple with the issue on everyone’s lips: WTF is the Metaverse? Tune in next week for the full podcast, which will be a funny and engaging exploration of the topics on the minds of some of India’s top young businessmen. #NikhilKamath - Co-founder of Zerodha, True Beacon and Gruhas Follow Nikhil here:- Twitter Instagram Facebook Linkedin Koo #TanmayBhat - Social Media Sensation and Comedian Follow Tanmay here:- Youtube Twitter Instagram Linkedin #UmangBedi - Co-founder of Josh and Dailyhunt, former CEO of Meta India Follow Umang here:- Instagram Linkedin #AprameyaRadhakrishna - Co-founder of TaxiForSure and Koo Follow Aprameya here:- Twitter Linkedin Koo Instagram #MarcoStaglianò - Chief Executive Officer of Another-1 Follow Marco here:- Linkedin Prashant Joshua - Founder at 1Verse Follow Prashant here:- Linkedin #HimanshuGoel - Co-founder and COO of FUTR Studios Follow Himansu & Kyra here:- Follow Himansu & Kyra here:- Linkedin Instagram


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