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198. What Does It Mean to Be “Cool”?

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198. What Does It Mean to Be “Cool”?

2 Juni 2024

What’s the difference between being popular and being cool? How has social media changed the trend cycle? And what do Taylor Swift and Walmart have in common?   SOURCES: Anette Asp, project manager and research coordinator at the California Institute of Technology. Lalin Anik, professor of marketing at Vrije University Amsterdam. Marc Bain, journalist. Judy Blume, young adult author. Colin Camerer, professor of behavioral economics at the California Institute of Technology. James Dean, 20th-century American actor. Ryan Hauser, Ph.D. candidate at the Yale School of Management. Michael Jordan, former professional basketball player. Johnny Miles, senior value manager at Workday. Steven Quartz, professor of philosophy at the California Institute of Technology. David Skinner, editor of Humanities magazine. Lindsey Vonn, Olympic alpine skier.   RESOURCES: "Do You Think You're Cool?" poll by YouGov (2024). "What Cool Means Now," by Marc Bain (Quartz, 2020). "The History of Michael Jordan's 'Banned' Sneakers," (Complex, 2020). "Brand Coolness," by Caleb Warren, Rajeev Batra, Sandra Maria Correia Loureiro, and Richard P. Bagozzi (Journal of Marketing, 2019). "How to be Cool," by Johnny Miles (UVA Darden Ideas to Action, 2017). Cool: How the Brain’s Hidden Quest for Cool Drives Our Economy and Shapes Our World, by Steven Quartz and Anette Asp (2015). "How Capitalism Created 'Cool,'" by Bourree Lam (The Atlantic, 2015). "How Did Cool Become Such a Big Deal?" by David Skinner (Humanities, 2014).   EXTRA: "Are We Getting Lonelier?" by No Stupid Questions (2023).


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