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How Richard Branson turned dyslexia into a superpower

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How Richard Branson turned dyslexia into a superpower

26 Oktober 2023

Today, LinkedIn Editor-in-Chief Dan Roth sits down with Sir Richard Branson to talk about how dyslexia has impacted his life and career. October is Dyslexia Awareness Month. The conversation around dyslexia has evolved significantly over the years, and opinions about dyslexia are beginning to change as scientists find that dyslexics don't just see words differently -- they see the world differently, leading to sought-after skills like creativity, problem solving, and leadership. While dyslexic thinking is emerging as a skill in its own right, with more than 20,000 LinkedIn members listing "dyslexic thinking" as a skill on their profile, research by LinkedIn and Made by Dyslexia reveals that the vast majority of US and UK dyslexics don't feel that their workplaces know their strengths and talents. Today, Sir Richard shares his story, his perspective, and his takeaways from crafting a remarkable life with dyslexia as one variable. Follow Richard Branson and Daniel Roth on LinkedIn. Join our This is Working community by subscribing to Dan’s newsletter and posting your thoughts on LinkedIn using the hashtag #ThisIsWorking.


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