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America's First Poltergeist - Lucid Dreaming - The Paranormal Podcast 815

America's First Poltergeist - Lucid Dreaming - The Paranormal Podcast 815

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9 Januari 2024

Everyone thinks that the Bell Witch haunting was America's first poltergeist case BUT they'd be wrong! We explore the Appalachian case of The Wizard Clip which preceded the Bell Witch by 20 years or so. Michael Kishbucher, the author of a new book on the case, joins us along with Jessie Norris of the Middleway Conservancy to talk about this little known but fascinating poltergeist. You can find Michael's book, The Appalachian Legend of the Wizard Clip: America's First Poltergeist, at Amazon: In part two, Nisha and Norma Burton join us to talk all about lucid dreaming and their oracle deck, Lucid Dreaming, Lucid Living: Your Oracle and Guide to Mastering the Dreamscape, which you can find at Amazon: Thanks Michael, Jessie, Nisha & Norma! --- FREE CAMPFIRE E-BOOK Get your FREE Campfire E-book here: when you signup to my email newsletter list. YOUTUBE CHANNEL Be sure to subscribe to Jim’s YouTube channel for paranormal videos and more: MERCH Go to to get your Jim Harold Merch!  -- TRANSCRIPT Find the full transcript at our website here: -- For more information on our podcast data policy CLICK HERE


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