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Marketing authentically with Coltrane Curtis

22 Menit

Marketing authentically with Coltrane Curtis

4 Mei 2023

On this episode of This is Working, our hosts chat about Dan’s conversation with influencer marketing pioneer and Team Epiphany founder Coltrane Curtis. They talk about the impact of style and image, and dive into Coltrane’s prescience in launching his agency back in 2004, connecting brands to communities with influence. They also chat through the power of Coltrane’s hiring practices, and the benefit of growing slowly and organically while maintaining ownership over a whole business.   Nina and Dan offer their own insights and opinions - and we’re eager to hear yours as well. Jump into the conversation on LinkedIn by sharing a post or comment with the hashtag #ThisIsWorking, or drop us a line - you can reach us at Follow Coltrane Curtis, Nina Melendez, and Dan Roth on LinkedIn. You can watch Dan's full interview with Coltrane here.  Get this conversation and more delivered directly to your inbox by subscribing to the newsletter. It's also called This is Working!


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